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Influencer marketing - is what we started with when we launched Native Media Digital Agency. We know that people tend to trust others, and if it is possible to promote any product to the audience, the best way is to present it as if it is a piece of advice. That is why the influencers' job is so valued: people trust them, rely on them, and thus tend to buy the products promoted in their pursuit to follow the influencer’s example and to live like somebody trustworthy does.

Our workflow with influencers

  • Getting a brief from the client. It is a stage when we discuss the issues, needs, aims of the brand, and goals of the promotion.

  • Research step. We analyse the brand's digital presence and its audience, evaluate the social networks (if available) and research the competitors.

  • Strategy. We develop a unique message which tells the target audience about the brand. We come up with the tone of voice and visuals that deliver the message most effectively.

  • Presentation and edits. We present the strategy, listen to the feedback, and make the modifications to ensure we meet the client’s expectations. 

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our most beloved cases

our most beloved cases

our most beloved cases

our most beloved cases

our most beloved cases

our most beloved cases

our most beloved cases

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